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Polar Shrimp by Jeff Hunter

The Polar Shrimp (Native Coastal Trout and Blueback) Hook:               Standard wet fly, #4 & 6 Thread:            Veevus 8/0, Hot Pink Tag:                 Holo silver tinsel Tail:                 Golden pheasant, dyed hot pink Butt:                None Body                Fluorescent orange chenille Rib:                  None Hackle:            Hot orange or fluorescent orange saddle, tied back as a throat Wing:              White bucktail The Polar… Read More

All Flies, All the Time

I’ve decided to begin posting all of my flies online; doing so in a manner that they can be viewed by anyone. I am not convinced that a wordpress.com blog is the best platform to accomplish my goal, but I’ll decide over the ensuing months.   I also intend to post the flies of friends and… Read More

Wayne Doughton, Salem Oregon – Fly Fisher / Tyer Pioneer

I’ll start by saying that Wayne Doughton was a friend, and to this day I miss him. Wayne passed in 2001, at the age of 87. While it is nearly impossible to say much about Wayne without mentioning his wife Sally, this brief post is only a short snippet of my memories of Mr. Wayne… Read More

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