I’m just a man.



Quite human.

Bright.  Intuitive.  Dumb as a post too.

Some accomplishments I’m proud of.  Some painful life-lessons learned.  Fortunate to be loved fiercely by my family and a few friends.  Loved by people who know me as me, not as an unattainable ideal.

Don’t try to make me more – or less – than I am.

People who know me well have come to understand, or perhaps simply accept, that my life is intertwined with the blood of Chinook salmon and our Home Waters.

I try to make sense of life and the things that men should do.  But not during salmon season.

There is much I would do to better myself.  But not during salmon season.

There is much that I want to do for my family and friends.  But not during salmon season.

Please  let me be with the salmon again this year.  Please let my family and friends be patient with me until salmon season passes.