Thank you Jim Martin …. and …. Eddie B.

Yep. These two fellows are at the heart of a great deal of whatever it is that I was able to accomplish over the course of my profession as a fisheries biologist, scientist, or whatever it is that I was.

By this I mean that I realize that Jim and Ed allowed me the opportunity to prove myself, deliver the goods, and produce some reports/management plans/ways of looking at the biological world that are somewhat unique.

Whether the high regard of the work I accomplished is overly inflated is beside the point. The point is that I am proud of the work, and enjoyed the work, and believe that my life and my family’s lives are better today ¬†because of the fact that I was a able to do the work.

I’m afraid that some of what I have written so far is too cryptic, but here I am trying to uncomplicate it by saying that I would not ever have had the same opportunities to prove myself in the fisheries world if not for the trust and confidence that Messrs. Jim Martin and Ed Bowles placed in me when they assigned (allowed) me to “lead” several work-products related to salmon biology, management, and management planning.

I’ll never forget the days Jim Martin invited me to lead development of the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds (AKA Oregon Plan). ¬†I went from being a Bio 3 to sitting beside Governor John Kitzhaber in a week, with strangers thinking I was an important big shot and me knowing full well that I was only a hard working Bio 3.

I’ll also never forget my joy when Ed Bowles announced that he wanted me to advise ODFW staff while they developed a multi species management plan for nearly all the salmon species on nearly the whole Oregon coast. Ed knew that a management plan of this scale was my private dream, an aspiration I dared not hope for too much.

So Jim, thank you.

And Ed, thank you.

You trusted in me, and my life is better for it.

In posting this thank you note, I encourage everyone to pause and appreciate the people who in large or small measure, helped us do something that we are happy about. These are the people who helped us be more do more, and develop in way that might not have been possible but for their actions.

Jay Nicholas – October 25th, 2019

PS: of course there are many more people who in some way provided positive influence in my life, but Jim and Ed happen to be near the top of-the-heap where my professional career is concerned.


The photo below is of me (left) and Ed on a sunny day.

Jay Nicholas and Ed