A sight almost too beautiful for words . . .

Jay Nicholas too beautiful for words

September 28, 2019.

I was taking a walk around the block yesterday evening, listening to a mix of Peal Jam, Led Zeppelin, and Bear Cleary. The final 100 yards of my suburban trek was a gentle uphill climb in a westerly direction, on the sidewalk on the north side of our street.

And there it was. A heartwarming sight that made me smile, smile a little more, and then allow my mind to drift and consider why the sight was to welcome.

Unfortunately, the only image I have to place in this blog post is of a sunflower I photographed on a walk a week or so ago, but the coincidence of the digital image is remarkable.

Looking ahead into the bright evening sun, a woman held a child in her arms, leaned toward the sunflower, so the child could reach out and touch the flower.

The sun was too bright behind her that i was at first unsure of what I was seeing. Was it a woman? Was it a little dog sniffing the flower? Was it even a flower? Someone was holding something, leaning towards what I thought must be a tall sunflower.

I walked a little faster, sensing the impermanence of the moment.

And sure enough, the shapes and my imagination proved spot-on as I grew closer. An older woman, probably grandma, held a baby in her arms, the child reaching out to feel the flower, smiling and laughing at the reaching-touching game.

That moment, that sight brought lightness and joy – to an already very good day – knowing that the very same ritual must be occurring around the world uncountable times each day.

These moments of joy don’t depend on wealth, social status, politics, religion, or even good health. For an instant, these moments simply exist.

Moments of pure love and joy, in brief moments, unite all people in all times.

“Thank you for a wonderful, joyful, beautiful sight”, I said. smiling as I moved on, wishing her a good evening.”Thank you for saying that” she said to my back. I was already moving uphill  along the sidewalk toward the joyful refuge of my own home.

I’ll close now with my wishes that you find some sight, some evidence of pure love, joy, and light –  today and every day. These moments are precious and deserve to be cherished.

Jay Nicholas – September 28, 2019

Post Script:  Yes, the joyful  grandma-baby sunflower vision centered on the very same flower pictured at the beginning of this blog, photographed days earlier.

Who knew?

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