Sunday Morning, Jan 13, 2019

jay nicholas and cat

Very nice start to the day. Up at 3:30 or so. A brief good morning to our guest Scott Crosby then send him on his way north to fish for steelhead with friends. I shot two hours of fly video yesterday that will all be erased because I rambled way too much. I have two cats either in my lap or on the desk here in the den. I think they are about to rumble. One cup of coffee down the hatch and time to brew a second. Is it fair to use the term “brew” when using instant? I need to fish very soon. Maybe sometime next week. Think I’ll head to the garage, turn up the heat, and tie carp flies.

My best wishes to you all .


One thought on “Sunday Morning, Jan 13, 2019

  1. Regarding carp flies, years ago a fishing show had Lefty and Flip FlyFishing for carp on a river. Carp were eating blackberries falling into the water along the bank. They tied some dark blue/purple yarn on a hook to match the “hatch” and caught carp. Sometimes simple works.

    Brew more instant coffee, pet the cat and tie some yarn on a size 4 hook

    All the best

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