Note of thanks from Jay to Eric Nufeld

Eric .Nufeld

I don’t know where to start with Eric, except to say that he’s one awesome dude.

I have known Eric with and without a beard, as a fly tyer, and a fellow fly fisher. Eric accepted me as a friend and FFI “peer” even though I am realistically in pre-school and Eric is a post-Doc. He has always welcomed me and tried to help me navigate whatever I might have been trying to figure out.

Of course I first and foremost associate Eric with SIMMS fly fishing clothing, waders, boots, boat bags, and such forth. As far as being brand name neutral, I am pretty darn good with everything other than Simms products (waders, coats, flannel shirts, and boat at bags). I had a short dalliance with some other products and always came home to Simms.

Eric has gone out of his very busy professional and personal life to help me, on more occasions than I can recount. Work ethic?  He’s on the go always always always and most of the time. Eric is always quick to call me back even when he knows our conversation will be nothing more than a quick catch up or me asking for a favor.

A good spirit, this man.

Jay Nicholas

PS; rumor has it that Eric has, on occasion, mixed “supposedly” healthy breakfast drinks while on the sales rep road, and that he longs to be a professional drone navigator/pilot.


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