August Postcards from Jay

I just found this post in my “DRAFT” folder. Although it is way out of date, why not?

Anyone who knows me understands, and everyone else doesn’t need to.

Every once in a while I like to post a few images from “recent” events. These are the best of times. I never post an image from a time when I’m depressed, exhausted, in the Emergency Room, out of gas beside the side of the road waiting for a tow truck, recovering through food poisoning, taking a nap in the 4-Runner the fire station in Reckreall, walking on the treadmill at Snap Fitness, mowing the lawn at the cabin (as if this ever happens),and so forth. If I show an image of a fly it is a good fly—not the ten or twelve disasters that I crafted in order to get the one very nice fly.

Enough said, these are the good times, and I introduce these in order to remind everyone that none of us are really alone when some parts of our lives are not exactly as we might wish for.

Thank you all for your kindness, patience and support.

Jay Nicholas, August 2018

Jay Nicholas view from the front yard.jpg



Jay Nicholas Ben and Jeff's at Pacific City.jpg

Jay Nicholas Joe and Chinook.jpg

Jay Nicholas and family at coffee date.jpg

Jay Nicholas Chinook stomach contents.jpg

Jay Nicholas at the fly tying bench.jpg

Jay Nicholas and Boomer.jpg


Jay Nicholas Echo Fly Rods.jpg

Jay Nicholas Chinook fillets.jpg

Jay Nicholas Chinook Salmon egg skeins in early August.jpg

Jay Nicholas Jack Harrell and ocean Chinook.jpg

springer with T&T IMG_2288.JPG


Jay Nicholas blue berries in the back yard.jpg

Jay Nicholas - friend with chidnook.jpg

Jay Nicholas - Pacific City Fly Fishing.jpg


Jay Nicholas Cabezon


Jay Nicholas - Springer season is done.JPG

Jay Nicholas napping with cats.jpg

I’ll close now and go take a nap with my two wonderful cats, Boomer and Gracie. Life is good in the Nicholas household.