In Memoriam – my friend Norm Norlander

norm-norlander-stock photo

My dear friend Norm Norlander passed on recently, leaving me with a heavy heart and the urge to head to my fly  bench where I devoted several hours tying some of my favorite summer steelhead wet flies on the NORVise Norm developed years ago.

Jay Nicholas Summer Steelhead Flies Macks Canyon

I first met Norm two decades ago as I struggled to learn how to use his rotary vise. A few phone calls later, Norm kindly walked me through the basics of his vise and the Nor Bobbin’s clutch feature and I was off and running.

Jay Nicholas Summer Steelhead Flies Moose Baby

Thank you Norm. I miss being able to pick up the phone and continue planning  our upcoming trip to dory fish at Pacific City this year.

Jay Nicholas Summer Steelhead Flies Green Butt

The flies shown in this post are a few of my favorite summer steelhead patterns tied with my NORVise.

Jay Nicholas Summer Steelhead Flies Stargate Blues


Jay Nicholas Summer Steelhead Flies Boss

Norm’s contribution to the fly tying fly fishing industry are many, — I’ll always remember his kindness right alongside his willingness to help us all strive to be better tyers and people.

Jay Nicholas – May 2018




4 thoughts on “In Memoriam – my friend Norm Norlander

  1. Jay,
    Thank you for this post. I just talked to Norm just a few months ago. I asked him if he could do something for me, a custom part. He said “I would be glad to Brian my boy”. He headed out to the shop and it was in my mailbox 2 days later. I talked to Norm a number of times and he featured some of my flies in his website but I never got to meet him. I am very sad to read this but I will never forget him and what he has done for the sport.

  2. I met Norm at least 20 years ago at the Portland Sportsman show. Since then I became one of the Norlander good guys at fly fishing shows through out the Northwest. The proudest moment in my fly tying career was when Norm sent me a Nor-vice shirt to wear at the shows I attend. Norm you will be deeply missed.

  3. Very Nice…Jay

    I don’t think there are enough words to describe Norm’s generosity and contributions to the fly tying community.

    He will be missed at all the shows I attend each year.



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