Catching up – April 20 2018

  1.  heading to the Spey Clave for a brief visit today with Garren Wood.

2. Boomer and Gracie are getting along very well. Our family is blessed to be able to care for their every whim, Our folder of cat photos is larger then my folder of fly and fish photos.

Jay Nicholas Boomer and Gracie

3.  Fished with Bob Hooton. Hope to see more of my friend in months to evolve. I remember when I put coolers of ghost shrimp on the greyhound bus in Coos Bay to ship to Bob in corvallis so he could fish for the early runs of summer steelhead in the Santiam system. This was in about 1978 and 1979. Wow. The fishery has sure changed since then.

Jay Nicholas and Bob Hooton Pacific City a

4.  Fished with my friend Mikhail Skopets from Russia. Good time. Safe travels Misha and come back to fish again, Maybe we will catch a springer next time.

Jay Nicholas and Mikhail Sopets at Pacific City


5.  Dinner at cabin with friends Ed, Guido, and Misha. Crab dipped in garlic butter at midnight. Rockfish and spaghetti dinner. Stories told and corrected for the record.  Good times but I was up waaaaaay to long after my bedtime.

Jay Nicholas with Guido Mikhail and Ed at Pacific City 2

6. sketching – adipose on a male chinook

Jay Nicholas Chinook 07122016 4


7.  Fly photography. These are favorite summer steelhead wet flies.

Jay Nicholas Summer Steelhead Traditional Flies copy


9. Looking to the future and completing Salmon Fisher’s Journal. It will be done in its own time. Progress is good but slow. The end result will be stunning.

Thanks for everyone’s well wishes and patience. My best right back to all of you. I expect fo fish a lot in the next several months, spaced in with family time, work on the Journal, fly tying videos, and lord knows what.

May your time here be filled with kind people, flies, and fishing, and whatever brings you joy. Share your joy please.

Jay Nicholas – May 20 2018


One thought on “Catching up – April 20 2018

  1. Thanks for update. Like a fine wine, the Salmon Fisher’s Journal will be ready when it is ready. Make progress with all deliberate speed but remember to stop along the way and smell the ProCure

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