7 new Nicholas Fly Tying and Fishing Videos!

Seven new videos posted on my Youtube channel.  Tons of good stuff going on. Thanks to Will at Ashland Fly Shop for organizing a fly club presentation and tube steelhead tying class last week. Thanks to Jon Hazelet and his family’s hospitality. Thank you all and I hope you find something entertaining here. Many more ideas to follow up on. JN – March 2018.

5 videos related to fly fishing for Lingcod and tying lingcod flies.
3 videos related to my recollections about the Metolius back in the 1960s – 1980s.

Salmon fishing with Marty and Mia

Jay Nicholas & Marty Sheppard Sept 2017

This is obviously a late post from last fall)1017) but when I found it I figured it was time to put it up.


So I’ve devoted at least a half dozen days on the water this fall trying to get a grab from a salmon, to no avail.  Headed out one short evening to fish with Marty and Mia Sheppard, One of us had two grabs (Marty), one of had one grab (Mia), and one of us had no grabs (me). Whatever became of the salmon, whatever rods we fished, lines we fished, flies we fished, waders we wore, sunglasses we wore and so forth—are irrelevant.

What matters is that we had a  chance to talk, like friends do.

Thanks, my cabin has room for you whenever you can make it back to the ocean.

Jay Nicholas – October 2017


PS: the most awesome photo above is by Mia.