3 new Nicholas YouTube videos!

This has been another great week for video production adhere is a quick list of what’s new on my Youtube channel.

Tips for tying a summer steelhead fly with chenille. This material is still a great fit with our most productive flies.

Intruder fly tying discussion. This is a thirty minute video that features a general discussion about Intruders, especially those tied on ProSportfisher tubes. The fly is a great one and I try to mention features of these flies and the intention of tying, materials and so forth. This is not the full story but it is a start and I hope it entertains and informs a little.

Olive and Orange Tube Intruder based on Jeff Hickman’s Fish Taco.

Cream Balanced Leech. A hot new pattern useful in many waters, and most recently popularized on Pyramid Lake – fished under indicators.

Thanks for your kind notes and feedback, I hope you will have fun with these videos.

Jay Nicholas, February, 2018

2 Nicholas videos posted to YouTube

This post is to let readers know that I’ve released another new pod of videos on my YouTube Channel.

Each of you has different levels of experience and interest, so the best approach is to browse the list and decide if any are in the ballpark of your playpen.

Fly Tying Discussion – Intruders I. This is a 33-minute video in which I discuss the thinking and techniques of tying Intruders. This is hopefully the first of several that will follow.
* General composition
* length
* waist
* intention
* materials
* use of flash
* platforms
* weighting
Fly Tying Discussion – Chenille body techniques on a summer steelhead fly
Chenille can be applied in many ways to achieve different effects on your flies, this video shows several of the finer points I’ve learned over the years when tying with chenille.

Thank you all for your good wishes.

My YouTube channel is located here. I currently have 33 videos posted and have ten nearly edited and ready to publish in the next month.

Jay Nicholas – February 2018

Rob and Erin’s new Drift Boat

Salmon Anglers on a fishless evening

Note: this is a belated post of a blog I drafted in October 2017.

I’m quite sure I haven ever seen such a fine drift boat. Rob and Erin crafted this vessel with care. The boat is so fine that it shimmers—eluding the possibility of looking closely at its detail—which is similarly superior craftsmanship.

This is a good time for me to say thanks to Rob and Erin for the goodness and love they have shared with my family.

A erin perkin 20171007_084013 copy

I hope to see you on the water with Cooper soon.

Jay Nicholas – October 2017