Boat and truck storage . . .

boats and trucks in the yard

Sometimes I arrive at the cabin to find no place to park. There are drift boats, dory boats, and prams that my friends have staged in the yard, plus their respective vehicles. This is actually a very nice view to behold. Thanks to my friends for keeping me company.

Have a good enough day my friends.

Jay Nicholas – October 2017

A visit with Marty and Mia

Marty & Mia Sheppard at Pacific City with bass a

I’m blessed with friends who seem to know me without knowing me—people who are ready to accept me with all the imperfections. Marty and Mia  Sheppard joined me for the day – we fished the morning with my friend Kevin in his Breaker Dory. We had a great day and caught plenty of these sea bass.

And in the afternoon?

Well, I’ll get to that in another post.

Good day to my friends, I appreciate your good thoughts.

Jay Nicholas – October 2017