Bob Hooton & Jay Nicholas on the Bella Coola

Bella Coola Apr 19 1984 4

This qualifies as a genuine blast from the past. Bob Hooton, Bob Hooton, and I were fishing the Bella Coola River. Years ago. When we were a lot younger.

And my note that I was fishing with Bob Hooton and Bob Hooton is not typo.  I was fishing with Oregon Bob Hooton and BC Bob Hooton on the Bella Coola River.

We fished 10 ft 6 in rods with a dink float and eggs for bait. We had very much fun and this is an understatement.

How is it that Bob and I have three steelhead laying in the water in front of us and who took the photo?

The three of us were drifting downriver and one of us was rowing and two were fishing. Don’t remember who was doing what. Two of us hooked up and the third dropped the oars and made the cast without anchoring—and made it a triple!

Someone pulled ashore, we all jumped out, and BC Bob took this photo before we released all of these fish.

This was in the early or mid 1980s.

My were we young.

Have a wonderful day.

Jay Nicholas – December 2017

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