Pacific City Dory Launch and Fly Fishing for Rockfish

This is a very short video that records highlights from a recent (mid July) trip on my friend Kevin’s dory. Kevin, Rob, and I fly fished for Pacific black rockfish and had a very enjoyable day on the ocean out of Pacific City.

The video shows the process of dumping the dory off the trailer, a little of the fishing, and the run onto the beach at the end of the trip.

Several people have asked for video of the launching process, so I hope this helps people understand the what is involved when we launch into the surf. I note that the ocean was very calm on this day.

My best to you all.

Jay Nicholas July 22, 2017

2 thoughts on “Pacific City Dory Launch and Fly Fishing for Rockfish

  1. Thanks for this Jay. going to be at PC Tues and Wed next week…… you know anyone that has a fly fishing charter for half day or so? thanks a lot Loren Irving Bend OR >

    1. Thanks Loren. You should contact Jack Harrell at 5419211276 and you can see the options at You should make the call to see if they have any openings because they are booked on a lot of days. John Harrell is the dory captain and they are the only fly fishing dory out of Pacific City. JN

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