Fly Fishing Pacific City, mid June 2017

My Pacific City neighbor and friend Kevin kindly invited me to join him fishing out of Pacific City a week ago, and the black rockfish angling was among the best I’ve experienced. We had a very relaxing morning with as much action as we wished for. Thank you Kevin.  Great time with the fly rod and a variety of new Clousers to test on the fish!

Jay Nicholas, June 22 2017

8 thoughts on “Fly Fishing Pacific City, mid June 2017

  1. Looks like a fun day of fishing Jay! Nice to see you had some top water action. The trip Melissa & I did a few weeks ago was our first time getting them on poppers. So much fun.

  2. If whales and orcas like big chartreuse clousers you better get a another boat. If they don’t, the boat is a beauty

  3. … very similar, but probably not this same dory. John Harrel’s dory is the Gold Comet, a yellow glass boat.

  4. Jay,

    That looked like a helluva lot of FUN!!

    What type of intel can you share with me regarding guided trips for me and my boy? Complete novices here when it comes to fishin the salt and of course, are not geared as well. I could definitely tie up some flies though.

    Thanks and keep postin those great stories and videos.


    Terry Hails

    Albany, OR

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