ECHO EPR Review – Clearly a Great Fly Rod


This is a thumbnail sketch of a fly rod review I wrote for the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog—featuring the ECHO EPR (extreme performance rod) fly rod. I based my review on a week fishing recently with Gary Bulla out of La Ventana in Baja.

Jay Nicholas EPR fly rod strip set

If you examine the image above closely, you will see the small splash of a skipjack taking my fly in the upper left corner of the photo. You might also be able to see that there is a slight upturn in the tip of the 10 wt EPR as the line is just coming under tension as I’m stripping. In the center of the image, there is surface commotion as other skipjack are crushing baitfish, throwing water into the air and generally getting all of us anglers about as adrenaline infused as possible.

Jay Nicholas EPR fly rod Review

The image immediately above shows my fly line leaping as it clears the deck after strip setting the hook on the previously referenced skipjack.

Jay Nicholas ECHO EPR fly rod review

The final image here simply shows my 10 wt EPR fly rod under strain. This is a good kind of strain that we fly anglers all hope to experience.

Without fanfare, I can recommend the ECHO EPR unequivocally, based on my experience with the 8 and 10 wt rods, plus my long association fishing a wide variety of ECHO fly rods ranging from 4 wt glass rods to 12 wt high modulus graphite.

I invite you to read my detailed review of the EPR on the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog, but in the meantime, I’ll reiterate that you positively can’t go astray if you purchase one of these rods. Their casting ability and fish fighting power rank very favorably alongside rods that cost twice the price; their guides and handle are superbly right-sized for saltwater rods, and this is something I have not found to be true for some more expensive rods. Finally, the reel seat has the sturdiness and saltwater resistance that I expect in an ocean bound rod.

I would be pleased to answer questions you may have about this or any other fly rod I have experience with.

Jay Nicholas  – May/June 2017

2 thoughts on “ECHO EPR Review – Clearly a Great Fly Rod

  1. How about, I live in Argentina and I would like to know if you can advise me about these three rods that I will detail, it would be for fishing of our native Dorado for which normally a rod N ° 8 of 9 feet is used, and also for fishing of bonefish. I look for a rod that faces strong winds, handling large flies and me (although the casting of each one is important) makes it easy to make long throws when required. The canes that I have in view are: Echo Epr, Tfo ticr x and Redington Predator. I would like to tell me what would be the best option regardless of the price, thank you very much, I look forward to your response, greetings, Dario.

    1. Dario, please excuse me for the delay in answering your question. I have cast all of these rods and believe that the ECHO EPR is the best of the lot. I fished an ECHO #8 in Baja last year and caught a large dorado and the rod was a very sound performer both for casting and fish fighting. I hope this helps. JN

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