The Most Perfect Glass Bead Bugger . . .

You will ever fish. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 1.53.09 PM

Yep, that’s right. 

This is the long version of the video on tying this fly complete with much conjecture and rambling. The short version will be posted very soon on the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog.

I hope you enjoy this extended edit of the video. This is a fly that has caught hatchery and wild rainbow, sea run cutthroat, and summer steelhead on many occasions. Tie and fish it with confidence and vary the color of the glass bead to suit your preferences.


Thank you all for your patience and good wishes.

Jay Nicholas, Spring Season 2017

2 thoughts on “The Most Perfect Glass Bead Bugger . . .

  1. Jake Youren and I tie a Hot-Bead Bugger that we consider a killer go-to for most stillwaters. I look forward to trying the two patterns fly-to-fly. Good to see a new video. Hope your back is working itself back into shape.

  2. I like the crystal dubbing mix you put in for the body. I usually just do solid brown, black or olive dub but I like the flash mix seems to give it a bit more sparkle and something to grab the fishes attention. Will have to add this into my recipe mix.

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