Looking back, looking forward – April 20, 2017

This is going to be a pretty simple post noting a few recent events and previewing a few things I hope are still to transpire in the next few months.

Our dear friend Andy Landforce, now 100 years young, dropped by for a visit the other night. Yes, he drove himself. Likely a better driver than I am. Anyway, Lisa and I had a great time listening to Andy recounting old fishing stories. I played a few salmon videos on our computer for Andy, and he was thoroughly engrossed with the action. My oh my where does the time go?

On the topic of “depression,”  you might be surprised—or not—to learn how many folks who have reached out to me and said thanks for sharing in one way or another. Here is a note I just received.

“Hey Jay thanks for reaching out, appreciate it. We need to get together sometime and wet a line. I wanted to thank and commend you for opening up about your battles with depression recently. I have been struggling with it for years, but more so lately than ever. It is always something that I find difficult to talk about. It’s all consuming and makes it hard to do much other than sleep. Fishing is the one thing that allows me to escape it. I hope that you are doing well and getting on the water. I’ve been fishing a little this winter. Keep in touch Jay.”

My response.

Where to begin? Thank you for your note. Believe me when I say you (we) are not alone. There are many people (most you would never imagine) who struggle with depression in various forms off and on — people who have reached out to me after one of my blog posts that say, hey, I’m a mess or was a mess, or whatever I said. Point is that all kinds of people are living in the bumpy up and downs of life and things are not always like they may seem on the surface. There is deeper stuff going on in many people’s lives. If there is some solace it might be in knowing that others struggle and do eventually and repeatedly come out the other side, even if for periods punctuated by more down days. Crap, life is complicated and I can’t even spell this morning! Please keep in touch.

So it goes. We are not alone. 

I know that some people stumble into me or a blog post or some dang thing and think that everything is just going great in my life and maybe it is and maybe it isn’t but the point is that the same is true for EVERYONE we meet no matter how lovely their life may seem on the surface of it all.


New topic.

Very soon—I will be launching a Kickstarter Campaign to support publication of my Salmon Fisher’s Journal. Whooo Hooooo! Much excitement to follow. I’ll just say that I’m blessed to be supported by a great team of professionals who have volunteered their time and talent to help me organize and set the Campaign in motion. I’m positive that I could not have done this all by myself. Period.

Without going into details yet, I’ll share the short list of friends who have offered their support—helping me transform my manuscript from a humble soft cover proof to a polished, Smyth Sewn, two volume edition that I’ve dreamed of publishing since I completed the manuscript early in 2016. Here is is only a year later, some interesting water under the bridge, and we’re poised to fund, print, and place this limited edition book—my masterwork—in peoples hands by Thanksgiving 2017!

When this campaign launches, I’ll be reaching out to everyone and asking for support in small and big measure to help me.

For now, I’d like to share the list of friends who have offered their support already, so I can say thank you in advance, because this is an undertaking that is out of the realm of possibility if I had to go it alone. In alphabetical order, and my first cut so forgive me in advance because I’m sure I’ve omitted several people in my haste to compose this list.

Thank you; you all make me smile.

Frank and Nick Amato (Amato Publications), Donald Barnes (Regal Vise), Bruce Berry, Ed Bowles, Doug Brutaco (Aqua Flies), Morten Bundergard (Pro Sportfisher), Kerry Burkheimer (CF Burkheimer Fly Rods), Stan & Debbie Davis, Chris Daughters (The Caddis Fly Angling Shop), Jeff Coffey (Fair Flies), George Cook (SAGE Fly Rods), Trey Combs, Jim Coon, Larry Cullens, Justin Coupe (Rivers of A Lost Coast), Andrew Dickinson (Hatch Fly Reels), Kevin Ferguson, Michael Gorman, Jack Harrell, Jon Harrell (Pacific City Fly Fishing), Troy Haselip (Watershed Fly Shop), Jon Hazelett (Ashland Fly Shop), Jeff Hickman (Fish The Swing), Pat Hoglund (Steelheader’s Journal), Will Johnson (Ashland Fly Shop), Bruce & Joe Koffler (Koffler Boats), Joel LaFollette (Royal Treatment Fly Shop), John Larison, John Leach, Josh Linn, Jeff Mishler, Frank & Jeanne Moore, David Moryc (American Rivers), Eric Neufeld (SIMMS, Winston Fly Rods), Norm Norlander (NORVISE), Ben Paull (OPST), Enrico Puglisi, Jeremy Quinlan, Blake Merwin (Gig Harbor Fly Shop), Todd Moen, Rob Perkin, Tim Rajeff (ECHO, AIRFLO), Guido Rahr, Marlin Roush (RIO Products), Rob Russell, Dick Sagara (Outdoor Products), Greg Senyo, James Shaughnessy (Beulah Fly Rods), Marty & Mia Sheppard (Little Creek Outfitters), Brian Silvey, Randy Stetzer (Burkheimer Fly Rods), Joe Sugura, Matt Supinski,  Todd Tanner, Jim Terborg, Marcos Vergara (Hareline Dubbin), Sam Wilkes.

Uh Oh.  I realize that I’m droning on here.


My dear friend Chris Daughters is back from New Zealand with his family for the summer, and I have not had a chance to drive the stinkin’ hour down to Eugene to visit him yet. Soon, very soon. And besides, he is—as usual—busy as ever.

Jay Nicholas & Jeremy

I had a very good visit with my friend Jeremy Quinlan at Pacific City last week, where we fished and shot video and pondered the meaning of life and steelhead flies.

I’m getting a much needed make-over on my blog from Rob Perkin, who is talented so far beyond my level of understanding and is also crazy enough to dive into working with me. So. Like yesterday I was feeling a little manic (not scary manic, just a little up) and must have sent Rob at least ten text messages and a several emails with content and design ideas for my blog page. Forgive me Rob.

And I’ll close by suggesting that anyone who has followed my adventure of swinging flies for steelhead this winter might find humor in this YouTube video cartoon. It has been viewed over twenty thousand times and should be required for everyone who ever dips their toes into the cold wet waters inhabited by winter steelhead. Maybe summer steelhead waters too. Don’t know if you will be offended or not, but I find this video makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. It sure does.

After viewing this you probably won’t be capable of reading anything else, so I’ll close now and wish you all the very best—even if you fish nymphs and beads to slam the steel.

Jay Nicholas, April 20 2017

2 thoughts on “Looking back, looking forward – April 20, 2017

  1. if you let us know the sale price i am sure a lot of people would be willing to buy before printing. let us know$$$$

  2. Thanks Mitch, details to follow when the Kickstarter launches. Sure appreciate your support. The Salmon Fisher’s Journal will be in the collector’s limited edition class. Enough said for now. JN

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