Chartreuse Comets Ready to Fish


Tying at the Watershed Fly Shop on Friday and Caddis Fly Shop on Saturday, I now have a decent supply of big bold Chartreuse Comets to fish in the next two months. Bring on the kings!

My best wishes to you all and thanks for the good energy and genuine care so many of you have shared in the past few months. Baby steps. One at a time.

Jay Nicholas – October 9th, 2016

3 thoughts on “Chartreuse Comets Ready to Fish

  1. Jay – now that the rains have arrived and fish are pushing up river do you still find willing fish holding in tidewater (woods to guard-rail hole) or would I be off moving upstream (say 3-Rivers to Woods)? Due to work I usually only get to fish the weekends and want to target the most productive areas to swing a fly I can.


    1. Hey SHANE, it is time to move upriver because this high water has definitely moved the Chinook up and out of the estuary. Good luck when you go and please keep me posted, Thanks very much.

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