Advanced Intruder Strategies is available to order now!


Finally finally finally. Got it published on Amazon Books. If you would like a signed personalized copy, let me know and I’ll order a batch and ship them out in a few weeks. Meanwhile, the book will be available for quick delivery directly though Amazon. Your own local Fly Shop may contact me and I’ll provide signed copies for their customers and ship to their shop with a little notice.

Trey Combs says, “On a personal level, Jay’s book is a companion volume to my Field Guide to Western Birds: fly fishing as comfort food, something I visit daily and consume in small bites, a new fly to think about and one day tie.”

Advanced Intruder Strategies features over 40 new Intruder like flies in a wide variety of styles on tubes, shanks, and traditional hooks.

Greg Senyo says, “Tie until your fingers hurt, and smile as you do, because this book is a labor of Jay’s love of fly tying and fishing . . . . . ”

Thanks to my friend’s encouragement and support as I have worked on this sequel to Intruder Essentials.

This book digs deeper and broader to explore the family of flies that have so loosely been labeled in one form or another as Intruders. You will find articulated shank flies, articulated tube flies, Mohawk style flies that I refer to as half-Intruders, and a nice selection of flies I refer to as Micro Intruders.

Each of these flies has passed my exhaustive testing and earned approval in both swim tank and on the river in the winter of 2015/16. Has every fly actually earned a grab? Of course not, but I’m confident that each fly is a winner, and these are flies that I carry and fish routinely.

Thanks to my many readers for your support.

Jay Nicholas September 24th, 2016

Fishing with Rob and Capt John out of Pacific City


Progress. Time on the water with friends John Harrell and Rob Perkin yesterday. The black sea bass were a lot of fun and Rob picked up a nice silver too.

I am grateful for this life and my family and friends who are so very supportive.


Capt John Harrell and Rob Perkin with nice silver salmon.
Capt John Harrell and Rob Perkin with nice silver salmon.


Jay Nicholas, September 23, 2016.





Got my Clouser Box ready to fish!

A perfect Clouser Box.
A perfect Clouser Box.

Why mess with something that’s perfect just as it is? Best flies on the planet for king salmon are the Boss/Comet and the Clouser. I posted my Bosses on Instagram already yesterday. This is my Clouser box. Well, not all of my Clousers but just one view of one box. Got a few more boxes ready to go. May start this weekend if I’m able to do so.

My deepest thanks to my many close and distant friends who have wished me well in the last few months. I’ve made tremendous progress, managed to sketch, tie some flies, and do some writing in between taking walks. I am on the mend and have great aspirations for more progress day by day.

I wish each of you good spirits and the strength to persevere through the days when you may find yourself struggling to keep your head above water.

Jay Nicholas – September 16th, 2016

7 PM Presentation in Salem tonight September 8th 2016


Wow, where has the time gone? I’m counting down the hours until 7 PM when I’ll be showing my saltwater fly fishing video at the Santiam Fly Casters meeting at Pringle Hall in Salem. The venue is one block south of the Parkway on Church St. I am REALLY looking forward to meeting new friends and connecting with old friends at the meeting. I’ll talk about how much fun saltwater fly fishing is and how accessible it is too. Dwight Klemin told me to expect 50+ people at the meeting and that sounds like a fun crowd that should include a few hecklers to spice up the evening. Thanks in advance for the opportunity to be there!

Jay Nicholas, September 8th, 2016