Sea-run Cutthroat Fly Sketch…

Jay Nicholas cuttroat fly sketch 082516

This simple ink sketch is my closer on five days of Sea-run cutthroat flies. You may choose to fancy up your wet flies or keep them simple, and they will all be effective if you can find these beautiful fish in a taking mood. Two friends lately have found the fish – but they were so spooky in low clear water that there was no chance for any interest on the fish’s part. One of these days will dawn cloudy and drizzly – and that will be my cue to head out for Sea-run cutthroat fishing.

Meanwhile, I’m tying a little, sketching a little, and dreaming a little.

Jay Nicholas, August 25th 2016

One thought on “Sea-run Cutthroat Fly Sketch…

  1. Jay this was a nice little series of flies for bluebacks. I found it educational and offer my thanks and appreciation. Except……now I have to go buy another fly box, dammit!

    According to the robot voice of NOAA, next Tuesday, the 30th, might be a good day to be on the river. NOAA is citing a 20+ percent chance of showers in the valley, which might precipitate some damp conditions along the coast.

    Thanks for taking the time to post this series of flies. I am looking forward to your visit to the Santiam Flycasters meeting. I’ll rejoin just to hear you speak. (I belonged for years in the 80’s-90’s, but finally couldn’t handle the group scene, or ANY group thing, and quietly faded away.).

    Keep battling the depression. I spent a lot of years there, didn’t like it.

    Hope to see you on the river some day….

    John Coffey Salem

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