Sea Run Cutthroat fly: Day FIVE

Jay Nicholas Sea Run Cutthroat Fly 5

I’m closing with the fifth fly I tied five days ago, a 3XL version of the Dead Chicken shown in Les Johnson’s Sea-run Cutthroat book. The hook is a size 8 the body is bright yellow uni yarn, and the hackle is long stiff grizzly from the base of a rooster cape.

I’m likely to be pretty quiet until I show up at the regular meeting of the Santiam Fly Casters in salem at the Pringle Park Hall at 7 PM on September 8th.  I will have a chance to spend a little time with Dwight Klemin at dinner at the Ram Pub before the event and that will be really nice. I’ll speak and show amateur videos on saltwater fly fishing, and also talk about sea runs and salmon fly fishing too.

I’m really looking forward to the event and re-connecting with many old friends.

Jay Nicholas 24 August 2016

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