Sea Run Cutthroat fly: Day FOUR

Jay Nicholas Sea Run Cutthroat Fly 4

I transformed the Dead Chicken from Les Johnson’s Sea-Run Cutthroat book by using a 3XL hook, switching up the hackle and making the hackle a little wider. Coastal cutties love yellow bodies , red tails, and natural brown hackle. Simple, effective, and fun to tie. Enjoy this fly on day four. JN –  23 August 2016. (note: the body is UV yellow ice dub, very subtle, and the rib is fine silver Lagartun oval – you will Probably need to use the feathers located at the very base of a rooster cape in order to find hackles this long – you may also substitute pheasant rum feathers to get long fibered feathers for this fly)

2 thoughts on “Sea Run Cutthroat fly: Day FOUR

    1. Thank you, as noted, they are super simple and are all basic fishy and effective wet flies that anyone can tie as shown or may vary the materials in order to suit the materials you have on hand – have fun with these folks. JN.

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