Sea Run Cutthroat fly: Day Three

Jay Nicholas Sea Run Cutthroat Fly 3

Day Three is another simple wet fly that sea-runs eat like candy ha ha. Seriously, these drab wet flies are seriously effective. I’ve dressed this one with a red tail. The hook is a TMC 2499 SP-BLB size 8 – a very nice hook that does not require barb-pinching. The body is chocolate brown Ice Dub and the hackle is olive dyed grizzly. The hackles on this fly are down-sized from the wide spider-style that I used on the flies on the first two day’s patterns. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes not. This is a fly to present to fish that have previously rejected a larger sized fly.

Jay Nicholas; 22 August 2016

One thought on “Sea Run Cutthroat fly: Day Three

  1. Glad you included a small less colorful fly in your selection. For us, in touch conditions, small and drab often gets the grab.

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