Retro Shank Intruder

Jay Nicholas Retro Steelhead Shank Intruder a

Gosh I’ve been way to busy lately with far to little time to tie or fish.

So I grabbed my vise, moved the keyboard and wrapped this fly out — hoping to fish it somewhere in the next few weeks. Just this one fly and now back to work. More soon.

Jay Nicholas Retro Steelhead Shank Intruder b

Jay Nicholas Retro Steelhead Shank Intruder c

This fly is tied on a vintage Eagle Claw 1197-b size 2 hook. A dinosaur to be sure, but it will penetrate and swim with a lot of motion.

May we all find willing fish on our next venture to the river.

Jay Nicholas – June 29th, 2016

Post Script: by request, here is the recipe for the June Thunder Retro Shank Intruder.

“Blue Thunder”

This hook is a size 2 but the main point is to use heavy wire so a long shank heavy wire with hook cut off and a small stinger would be preferable to this one.

Tail: none, the hook is gold.

Butt: Senyo’s Pink Lady Fusion Dub.

Butt collar: Kingfisher Blue hackle to please, this is hen neck.

Body: Lagartun or Hareline Flat Braid, blue holo.

Shoulder dubbing ball: Senyo’s Fusion Dub Smurf.

Shoulder Collar: Fish Hunter Purple Spey Marabou.

2nd collar: Black Craft Fur spun in loop.

Flash: Mirage Lateral Scale. Shoulder: Pro Sportfisher Jungle Cock Natural.

Pacific City Bicycle and Sport Shop

Jay Nicholas Pacific City Bicycle & Sport Shop

Lisa was going through our keepsake box recently and found this advertisement, from the July 10th 1952 Salem Statesman Journal. She saved it for me. I was intrigued to see that Pacific City ranked with Astoria, Depoe Bay, and Winchester Bay in terms of being able to support a business that sold and serviced bicycles in addition to selling fishing tackle.

It turns out that a neighbor has just opened a bicycle shop on the corner across from the Shell Station at the stop light in Pacific City. I’ve been eyeing the fat tire bikes for rent and sale on the corner for the last several weeks. Guess I’d better check it out soon.

Meanwhile, fishing has been slow in the estuary but hot in the ocean anytime we can get out in the dory.

My best to you on this fine day and everyday.

Jay Nicholas June 1st, 2016.