Micro Tube Intruder for Chinook

Jay Nicholas Chinook Tube Intruder

Bare bones this morning, just a photo and note that this fly is a well proven Chinook salmon attractor when fished in estuarine waters.

Courtney just finished editing a video that features tying this Intruder and I’ll deliver it to Chris today, to be posted shortly, along with the usual materials list. May you find salmon and steelhead receptive to this and whatever flies you may be fishing soon.

Thank you all for your good wishes and positive spirits.

Jay (May 23, 2016)

Micro Intruder: “Trail Run”

Jay Nicholas Micro Intruder Trail Run

I’ll list the materials recipe for this fly, but the 20 minutes that I thought I was recording Video of this fly were a loss – no memory card in the camera! Boo-hoo. Oh well, here is a fresh image of a very pleasing tube intruder that will swing up summer and winter steelhead, guaranteed. Just add water and grabby fish and you’re in the game.

Tube: Pro Sportfisher Sink-4 Nanotube

Hook: OPST Swing Hook #3 usually

Thread: Vevus 12/0

Butt: Senyo’s Fusion Dub Muppet

1st Butt collar: Brilliant blue (Schlappen or Fish Hunter Marabou)

2nd Butt Collar: MFC Barred Blue Ostrich

Body: Lagartun Carded Flat Braid

Shoulder Bump: Senyo’s Fusion Dub Crusty Nail

Shoulder 1st collar: Dyed Pheasant Tippet Red or your choice

Shoulder 2nd collar: Fish Hunter Black blood quill Marabou

Shoulder 3rd collar : Dyed Red Guinea

Shoulder 4th collar: Purple Hen or schlappen

Cone: ProSportfisher Ultra Sonic Disc Metallic blue

I extend a special thank-you to the many people who came up to me at the Spey Clave on Saturday.

Question: “Are you Jay?”

Answer: “Yes.”

Questioner: “I thought I recognized your voice. I’ve been watching your videos and following your blog for years.”

Me: “Gosh, thank you very much for coming up and saying hello. It means a lot to me, honestly, to meet people and hear first hand that people have had fun and learned at least a little from those videos. Let me know if I can ever help you on your fly tying/flyfishing journey……”

I’ve recorded several more fly tying videos that Chris Daughters will be posting on the Oregon fly fishing Blog shortly. Thank you all for your good wishes—they mean the world to me.

Jay Nicholas, May 17th, 2016



Vintage 1970s Oregon Flies

Jay Nicholas Vintge 1970s Oregon Trout Flies.JPG

I met a young man, Adam, a few weeks ago in Eugene. He had purchased one of my books, Super Flies ~ Color, nearly a year ago, and he asked if we could find a way to have me personalize it for him. Of course. He mentioned that he was starting to tie flies and that he had a box of “old flies” that his fiancé inherited from her grandfather.

We talked a while, I suggested that he bring his book and the flies down to the Fly Shop, and promised that I would personalize his book and would appreciate being able to look at his collection of 1970s flies.

Well here we are. A very nostalgic collection of rusty hook, some bug-eaten, fishing flies. These are all patterns that I tied back in the 1960s and 1970s, mostly for Doughton Hardware in Salem, Oregon, for Wayne Doughton.

Thank you, Adam, for sharing these flies with me.

Jay Nicholas Vintge 1970s Oregon Steelhead Flies.JPG

May you all enjoy this view into the past, and remember that these flies would all fish well today, if given half a chance and a good soaking in the rivers and lakes we fish nowadays.

Jay Nicholas, May 7th, 2016