Steelhead & Sea Run Cutthroat Flies

Marabou Tube Intruder – Inspired by Travis Johnson and Bruce Berry

On my 67th birthday, yesterday, I tied flies at Royal Treatment Fly Fishing with a nice group of friends and supporters. It was a fun day with me babbling and answering people’s questions about the flies and materials. My thanks to Joel for the cake and sub sandwich, and to everyone for their kind support and good cheer. I was overwhelmed to open my computer this morning and find so many Facebook friends who had sent their good wishes also. Thanks to you all. Only one inappropriate image was posted to my timeline and I promptly deleted it and resolved the matter.

I returned home to my family and cats to have a low key evening and a movie. Today I try to prioritize all the things I want to accomplish in the near future. Impossible. Daunting.

I’ll not list my to-do list here, just get to work on it. I also hope to catch a winter steelhead on the swing this week. I met a very nice young man on the river last week, and when I introduced myself, he said, “Oh yeah, I love your blog but you barely write anymore.”

My apologies to him and the people who have supported me over the years and encouraged me to persevere. I’m putting so much energy into books and work (yes I’m one of the working retired) that there remains little time to devote to this blog.

Still, I’ll close by posting images of the basic flies I tied at RT yesterday. I’m genuinely excited by prospects of the near future with family, friends, flies, books, and writing projects.

May each of you have days filled with good health and wonder, plus a few good hours at fly bench or on the water with fish pulling at the end of your line.

Jay Nicholas – March 27th 2016

Travis Johnson inspired Steelhead Tube Intruder
Sea Run Bugger inspired by European Tyers
Sea Run Bugger
Sea Run Bugger
Steelhead Simplicity – Stargate Blue
Macks Canyon Simplicity
Nicholas’s Steelhead Simplicity – Olive

3 thoughts on “Steelhead & Sea Run Cutthroat Flies

  1. Jay!
    Was a wonderful surprise to see and catch with you and Albany. In particular all the things we shared. Good to see the smile on your face. Looking forward to the new projects, and sharing your old ones with my friends. And yes, need to get over soon for river and surf!

  2. I like the look of those buggers. I tied up a couple to see how the local Montana trout like them.

    I do have a question regarding hook selection for sea run cutthroat. (I visit family pretty often on the Coast, and these fish sound fun.) You mentioned in a different post that one should avoid larger sizes and hooks like the TMC 700. I’ve never seen that particular Tiemco model, so I’m having a hard time comparing. I was thinking of using my Hanak H970BL hooks in sizes 6 and/or 8, as well as the H500BL in 10 and 12 for the smaller flies. Is there any fish-safety reason I should avoid any of these? I’ve been liking these hooks for our browns, as they hold well yet remove easily.


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