Time to tie a few Intruders?

Cat Butt and Intruder

Think so. No point tying one of the pesty but highly effective Steelhead Intruders without taking a photo for the record, but it has been months since I’ve done any serious photography and consequently forgot most of what I barely learned the last session.

Got things sort of set up and looked in the viewfinder.

Hummmmmm. Something in the background? Yep, my dear orange cat Boomer just had to see what was going on up on the fly bench.

I love this cat. Just do. The fly is nice too. Bet it will swing up a big buck this winter when the water greens up a little. I’ll probably fish black purple and blue first though.

Hope the season is going well for everyone who reads this. I’m trying to decide on my next book project that will be the focus of my attention in January 2016.

Second editions of Intruders? Sea-run cutthroat flies? Flyfishing Oregon? I have at least fifty new pages to add to the Book of Revelation. A new saltwater fly book?

Jay’s blue/black Steelhead Intruder

Don’t know. Think I’ll close with another Intruder.

Best to you all

Jay Nicholas December 18th, 2015

7 thoughts on “Time to tie a few Intruders?

  1. Sure will. Thanks for your nice note, help me keep up on what you are doing this winter too. Don’t get too cold when you’re steelheading in the ice! JN

  2. Interesting that a friend of mine, Jeff Jarrett, dressed a similar fly for his Clearwater River fishing Guide Business, Jeff Jarrett Guide Service. He called it a Articulated Leech, built the same way 20 years ago. He showed it on Stephen Burke ‘s website and see the link I’ve provided. I thought this might be helpful for the origins of the “Intruder”.


    You can reach Jeff at this number: 208-476-7244

    Here is his website: http://www.wefishhere.net/


    Clark Lucas

  3. I really like the orange/blue feathers on the butt of the top one. What are those? I’m basically just looking for some various Denver Bronco colored feathers/materials. Cheers, Randy

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