Steelhead Intruders and Fishing on My Brain


Jay Nicholas Cats observing Intruder fly tyingI was pretty sure that I had Boomer’s full attention the last few days when I was worked into a frenzy tying Intruders and Rabbit Tube Leeches and thinking about fishing.  I had all the studio lights turned on in the den and found Boomer lounging on top of my material drawers, on the “warming station.”  Plenty of light to photograph flies makes for a nice warm place for my kitty to nap.

Jay Nicholas Bandit Naps in Truck

This reminded me of Bandit who I found napping pretty much the entire day last time I went on the river with my friend Jim.  Seems like a good life to me.

Jay Nicholas Steelhead In Lake

And when I was looking at the weather report and see rain on the way and should I go fishing today or not I remembered how much fun it is to sight-fish withe small wet and dry flies for summer steelhead planted in a nearby lake.

Jay Nicholas Steelhead Intruders

So I put aside the Intruders and am making this post quickly, still undecided about what I’m going to do today.  Probably some paperwork to get caught up on, right?  Or maybe watch Skagit Master 4 another three times today.  Maybe.

Jay Nicholas Steelhead Intruder a

On the other hand . . . .

Best to you all today, and every day.

Jay Nicholas February 4th