Bye-Bye Blogosphere

This blog has been fun, work, and all that goes with work and fun.  I’ve come to a place when there just isn’t sufficient time to take care of the essentials.  I have been neglecting my best friends, focusing on family, working a little, and fishing my brains out whenever possible.   I have several great projects in progress, but none of them involve producing respectable content for this blog.  So, time to call it quits, a little late, but it’s time.  In a week or so.  Pulling the plug so to speak.  You may see me on the water,  most likely alone, or enjoying coffee, Pizza, or Thai with my family.  I’ll be producing text-light content, mostly photos, for the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog.  Hope you have found some curiosity in some of my past posts.  Meanwhile, I’m moving on.

Be well.

Jay Nicholas, June 2013Jay Nicholas Salmon Fishing 11:16:2011-4

31 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Blogosphere

  1. All the best, Jay. We will certainly miss your introspection and enjoyment for the art that we all call fishing. Patterns forward to seeing you sloshing through a river or simply over a hot cup talking the grabs of the day or the patterns that happened to work that day. Keep sharing, we all look forward to it. Thanks.

    1. Hey Mitch, thanks for your kind words. Plan on hitting those Pinks, Sea-Runs, and some beach coho shortly. JN

  2. Time fo focus on the essentials. I always wondered where you found the time to maintain a blog. And what about those beach Cohos in OR. In my neck of the woods the harbor seals know a great deal about Cohos off the beach, and are a welcome respite on most days.

  3. I hope you will leave your pearls of wisdom up and accessible, even if you are not writing more. There’s a lot of good and relatively timeless insight in your years of writing the blog. Best Wishes.

  4. I’ve enjoyed reading you blog Jay, but, as they say “all good things must end.” I’ll look forward to our early morning chats while making your americano. Happy fishing!

  5. Cheers Jay – thanks for all you shared, been enormously incitefull and helpful. Thanks for, among other things, answering questions, providing insight to the tools I took to. Wish you all the best, will miss your blog.


  6. Hi Jay. Moving on is good in life’s journey. Like the Abba song words say ….”Like a roller in the Ocean move on”. In the meantime eat healthy foods and and all will be good for you. Cheers…..David

  7. Your blog has been insightful and fun to read, will be missed by all that have gleamed and enjoyed. Be well my friend, we will fish together soon!

    1. Truth is, there is a much I have not shared. What I have shared is the stuff fit for public consumption, and is enough, and has often left me wanting to say more. Someday, maybe. Or not. JN

  8. Sorry to see your mad genius Jack Kerouac style of prose end, Jay, but energy is finite and it must be focused. Express yourself in whatever manner feels best. Your posts about The Golden Comet opened up a new world to me and my son. I’ll look forward to your posts for Chris and keep the sharp points out of the soft bits, OK mang?

  9. Jay, I’m really sorry to read that you are retiring your blog. I’ve learned a lot from your writings and fly tying videos. I plan to keep them for future reference.
    As we said back in the day: keep on truckin’

    Bill Reinhardt
    Portland OR

      1. Jay, you have kept my drive for steelhead/salmon on the fly going. Being able to read your stories about life and the good and not so good days on the water made getting out the door when it is freezing and casting a thousand times sound fun. Thanks for all the great info and knowledge. Much appreciated. Jared m

      2. A very belated thank you for your kind words. Still at it fishing and writing books. Have fun out there. JN>

  10. Jay,
    I am really going to miss your blog. You are a very talented writer, that brings a unique point of view to the world of fly fishing.

    All the best,

    1. Ned, I’m still around and writing and sketching, just a different venue. Thank you very much for your encouragement. JN.

  11. Jay, have loved your posts, and the by-chance meeting w/you while with my son tracking
    down Chinook in the Nestucca. We anchored next to you and chatted for a while. In person
    is even better than the blogs. Then you hooked one. Be well Jay, thank you.

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