Bye-Bye Blogosphere

This blog has been fun, work, and all that goes with work and fun.  I’ve come to a place when there just isn’t sufficient time to take care of the essentials.  I have been neglecting my best friends, focusing on family, working a little, and fishing my brains out whenever possible.   I have several great projects in progress, but none of them involve producing respectable content for this blog.  So, time to call it quits, a little late, but it’s time.  In a week or so.  Pulling the plug so to speak.  You may see me on the water,  most likely alone, or enjoying coffee, Pizza, or Thai with my family.  I’ll be producing text-light content, mostly photos, for the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog.  Hope you have found some curiosity in some of my past posts.  Meanwhile, I’m moving on.

Be well.

Jay Nicholas, June 2013Jay Nicholas Salmon Fishing 11:16:2011-4