Fishing, Fly tying, and life go on in March 2013

Jay Nicholas Cats prep for Video shoot 03262013 Jay Nicholas Video shoot - Really? Jay Nicholas Video Shoot 2 03262013 Jay Nicholas Cat and Clouser 03262013 Jay Nicholas Video Shoot 1 Jay Nicholas Cats in the Morning 1 Jay Nicholas Cats in the morning 2 Jay Nicholas Fly Rods Ready to go 03262013 Jay Nicholas Big Trout 2 03262013 Jay Nicholas Big Trout 03262013 Jay Nicholas Trout 03262013First, thank you to all of my friends and people I have never met who wished me well as I recovered from a really close call last November.

Second, life has  been good for our family and I have even got out and fished a little this winter.

Finally, geezzzz I have been PLENTY busy and where on earth does a fellow or gal get time to participate in blogs or social media?  Several people wished me a happy birthday yesterday (64th) and those folks I also thank.  I should post a photo on facebook but darn it that platform like so many (hummmm) has become another means of selling stuff and blatant commercialism that I am seriously considering a boycott, as if my absence for the last 5 months isn’t sufficient to post my disapproval.

Let’s just post some photos to note a few of the recent goings on, OK?

Be well, friends, our time here may be short….


Jay Nicholas Flies 03262013