On the benefits of Fly Fishing, March 2012

Fly anglers are blessed, in contrast to normal human beings, in many ways. Not the least of these differences is an apparent immunity to depression.

That’s right folks. I know lots of fly anglers, and not a one of ’em ever suffers from any form of mental messedupedness. The same can not be said, sadly, for anglers who fish bait, spoons, spinners, jigs, pink worms, buzz bombs, kwikfish, hot shots, flatfish, wiggle warts, hot-n-tots, side planers, or beads.

Those poor souls have been known now and then, for shortish periods of time, to hole up, isolate themselves, overwork, overeat, overly organize their hook boxes, overly sort their corkies, order pepperoni pizza three times a day, stock up on Milk Duds, avoid genuine conversation with friends, and generally do what they need to do to pass the time before their foul mood passes and the fog clears. These unfortunates usually come out of the dumps a good forty pounds overweight, looking all pale and blinky-eyed in the sunlight.

Whew! Sure glad that I’m one of those lucky fly guys. That other nonsense must be depressing, ha ha.

Please to excuse me for this diversion. My very best wishes to non fly anglers who may have been under the weather this winter.  It’s just about time for me to go run a mile, eat my granola, and head to the river to skate muddlers over winter steelhead. Meanwhile, the world is just as it can to be, and surely the weather is changing as the days lengthen steadily.

Jay Nicholas
March 2012

2 thoughts on “On the benefits of Fly Fishing, March 2012

  1. I stumbled on your blog accidentally while doing a search on an ex’s name. Yes he is named Jay Nicholas, not you! He hails from Pennsylvania and when we were together he seemed to be fishing more than spending time with me. So I wrote this poem for him way back in the seventies,and thought you may just get a kick out of it:
    A Fish Wish

    If a fairy would grant one wish
    I would ask to be a fish
    So that while swimming in a brook
    I would stumble on your hook
    Oh to think you’d reel me in,
    And I’d see your face again.
    Then from fish I would change
    Into me,
    And in your arms once again
    I’d be.

    The inevitable plight of the woman in love with an avid fisherman! I couldn’t resist sharing! Best Wishes with catching them fishes!

    1. Sooooo, I’m not the only crazy out there. Thank you very much for your note. We fishing nuts are just, well, fishing nuts. JN

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