6 thoughts on “Hatchery Trout Grow Large in Diamond Lake

  1. Jeeze, I’ve been fishing what I thought was Diamond lake since the late ’50’s, but I’ve never noticed that apparent bridge in the background of the photo.
    BTW, Jay, I’m up at the Moore’s now. The NU is really high but we caught some fish earlier this week. I’ll be here till the 6th, Dale G.

    1. Olive Wooly Buggers and Scuds. And plenty of Mosquito repellant. And 6X Tippets. And High elevation. Long drive but worth it. Side trip to Crater Lake in the afternoon.
      They have ice cream bars and flies in the store, and you can rent a boat too. Glad to help with pointers anytime Rich. See you down there soon. JN

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