What do King Salmon Eat?

What do Kings eat?  Sometimes they chomp down on little baitfish style flies.  Like this non-clouser that is sort of like a Clouser without being a Clouser, if you know what I mean.

Sometimes, they prefer big nasty shocking looking flies in the 5″ size category.  Chartreuse and blue.  Pink and purple and orange and the like.

Our 2011 Chinook season is upon us.  I’m ready.  Well, almost ready.  A serious fly fisher can never really be over-stocked with flies at the front end of the season, right?

Let’s go fishing!

Jay Nicholas 20 April, 2011

12 thoughts on “What do King Salmon Eat?

  1. Apparently Umpqua Spring Chinook will eat all manner of small well plunked spinners, with or without anchovy, or xtreme kwikfish, with or without herring wrap. They do not seem to eat swung 5-inch intruders, skagit minnows, articulated bunny leeches, or prom dresses. Looks like a good run this year. Springer maddness is in full bloom.

  2. So I’ve got to ask, what’s the idea behind the red string tied on the trailing hooks? I saw a tabletop full of them in an older post of yours and wondered about it.

    And also, good to “have you back” posting. I’m starting my 3rd year chasing chinook on the fly (without having caught one yet), and your posts are always good motivation, and usually inspire fly tying sessions.

  3. So glad to see you are back online, Jay! As someone smarter than me once said, being well adjusted to a fundamentally sick society is not a sign of mental health. There’s nothing wrong with you, dude. You are a canary, a touch of living beauty, and a great example.

    Lots of springer stories to share next time we’re hanging out. Best fish in the derby is 48 pounds–pretty hard to beat. And a guy got a 36 pounder on a fly pole this weekend! We went 2 for 6 in a couple of long days, one kelt on the fly, right where my king was supposed to grab. Learned a new term for kelts from the Ump locals: “rifle barrel”

  4. what is with the red yarn on the octo hook?? just a little something or what?? never saw that before where i am from.

  5. Jay, show a how to tie on the top fly. I am interested to see how those large flat eyes are made?? They do not look like a lead eye or similar option.

    1. These are Hareline eyes with adhesive backing. You just barely touch them to the head of the fly, then place a tiny drop of 5 min epoxy in between the eyes, top and bottom. It is important t onot use too much epoxy. This does not cover the eyes and the head, like some would suggest and advise, it merely closes up the gap between the eyes so the head and fly overall are lighter. Make sones? JN

  6. Jay,

    Where d’ya go?

    If your out chasing fish, well that’s one thing – otherwise, climb back in that saddle. We are starting to miss ya again.


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