8 thoughts on “Beat Down, Off-Line, March 23, 2011

    1. Thank you. Most sincerely. You are right. The saddle is on, I have my boot in the stirrup, and … but you can already tell I am no horseman. Some free-associational rambling will follow shortly. It will be weird, but more creative insanity is on the way. Actually, it is here now, I just need to write about it. JN

      1. Go Jay Go!

        Your perspective is truly unique – You have a bent but can still see the other side. Life is messy, innumerable shades of grey, not so many are absolutely wrong, fewer (much fewer)are completely right. Multi-facited issues that generally defy super simple answers -we may be dumb (and selfish), but we are not stupid – If the super simple answers solved all of the problems, we would have been there years ago – but generally, problems are so multifaceted that one dimensional answers don’t get it done.
        If we are ever to get anywhere on things anadromous and fishy, here in the greater PNW, we will have to be able to at least hear what others have to say, even if we don’t like what it portends. In this regard your voice, disarmingly rambling as it can at times be, gives me hope. He is one who can reach out across issues, who is less prone than the rest of us to nuggets out of context to further a position.

        Get back to it, I for one miss yourself.


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