Top 10 Best Winter Steelhead Flies …. February 20, 2011

Jay Nicholas’ Fly Fishing Glossary – the Blogospheric rant continues; February 20, 2011.

In case you are new to this blog, the following fly fishing questions are legitimate in the sense that they have really been asked by sincere persons on the path to salmon and steelhead worship, addiction, catching, releasing, scientific study, or passive observation.  The answers to these questions are the truth, the whole truth, and nuthin’ but the truth, unless they are complete fabrications, intended purely to amuse, baffle, or mislead.

The integrity of these questions is above reproach, the veracity of the answers is questionable.

Q:  What flies should one fish to catch big winter steelhead?

  1. These are the same flies one would fish in hopes of catching small winter steelhead.  By the way, don’t hold your breath, these so-called winter steelhead are an imaginary fish.

Q:  What are “strung out” steelhead flies?

  1. Distraught or disheveled steelhead flies.  Also, steelhead flies that were formerly soaked in shrimp oil but have been unable to bathe in the addicting glop for awhile and are suffering withdrawal symptoms are said to be “strung out.”  Also, steelhead flies that have a hook dangling from a string behind the fly.  This dangling hook is reputed to result in hooking and landing 99.9% of the steelhead that come within ten feet of said fly.  This claim is clearly preposterous, but still it sells a zillion strung out flies.  We never learn, do we?

Q:  What are the top 10 Best Chinook salmon flies?

  1. Gold Comet, #4
  2. Clouser Deep Minnow (Chartreuse/white), #4
  3. Gold Comet, #2
  4. Clouser Deep Minnow (Chartreuse/white), #2
  5. Gold Comet, #6
  6. Clouser Deep Minnow (Chartreuse/white), #6
  7. Gold Comet, #1
  8. Clouser Deep Minnow (Chartreuse/white), #1
  9. Gold Comet, #8
  10. Clouser Deep Minnow (Chartreuse/white), #8

Q:  What are the top 10 best steelhead nymphs?

  1. Bead-head rubber-leg Stone Fly, #4
  2. Possie Bugger, #12
  3. Copper John, #12
  4. Flash-back Prince Nymph, #12
  5. Bead-head rubber-leg Stone Fly, #6
  6. Possie Bugger, #14
  7. Copper John, #14
  8. Flash-back Prince Nymph, #14
  9. Bead-head rubber-leg Stone Fly, #8
  10. Pink Glo Bug, #8

Q:  What are the top 10 best summer steelhead flies?

  1. Green Butt Skunk, #6
  2. Muddler, #6
  3. Green Butt Skunk, #4
  4. Muddler, #4
  5. Green Butt Skunk, #8
  6. Muddler, #8
  7. Green Butt Skunk, #2
  8. Muddler, #2
  9. Green Butt Skunk, #10
  10. Muddler, #10

Q:  What are top 10 best winter steelhead flies?

  1. Black, Rabbit-strip, egg-sucking Leech, #2
  2. Black, Rabbit-strip, egg-sucking Leech, #4
  3. Black, Rabbit-strip, egg-sucking Leech, #6
  4. Black, Rabbit-strip, egg-sucking Leech, #1
  5. Black, Rabbit-strip, egg-sucking Leech, #1/0
  6. Black, Rabbit-strip, egg-sucking Leech, #8
  7. Black, Rabbit-strip, egg-sucking Leech, #2/0
  8. Black, Rabbit-strip, egg-sucking Leech, #10
  9. Black, Rabbit-strip, egg-sucking Leech, #12
  10. Black Rabbit-strip, egg-sucking Leech, #14

Jay Nicholas, February 20, 2011 (in all sincerity)

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Winter Steelhead Flies …. February 20, 2011

  1. If the Black, Rabbit-strip, egg-sucking Leech is the best fly for winter steelhead then why can’t I find a demo on your YouTube channel?

    1. Good call. OK, soon as I can, I will do a video on the super secret killer black rabbit strip egg sucking leech. Promise. JN

      1. Thanks Jay.

        In the mean time I’m playing around with some black schlappen, chenille, maribou, bunny and of course a big suckin’ egg. I can’t keep those BC steelies waiting too long!

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