Jay Nicholas’ Salmon Fisher’s Journal: Great Grabs – October 20, 2010

Jay Nicholas’ Salmon Fisher’s Journal

Afternoon sun, bright king salmon rolling in the pool, a 300 gr., 30′ shooting head, and my trusty  Burkheimer 7115-4. Remember to keep a low rod angle, folks; this Spey rod makes an awesome delivery system to overhead cast shooting heads for king salmon.  Posted on January 28, 2011.  An enduring memory from my 2010 salmon season.


3 thoughts on “Jay Nicholas’ Salmon Fisher’s Journal: Great Grabs – October 20, 2010

  1. Jay, great blog. I linked over here two days ago after linking via the CaddisFlyShop blog. Thank you for all the informative posts on fly tying and your sharing of your passion for wild salmonids and their habitat. I am looking for information on the Burkheimer 7115. I am from Vancouver, B.C. and am looking to purchase a versatile switch. One that can make the feel of fighting a small good sized sea run bull trout or cutthroat (three pounds and up) sporting and at the same time have strength to respectfully subdue steelhead to the high teens plus (if I should be so lucky). Cast T-11/ T14 tips along deep rip rap shelved runs with a skagit head and be at home with an airflo speydicator as well. Is this the right tool? Thank you for your time, Geoff

    1. Hey Geoff. I think yes, but please give me a little time to blah blah blah about this Burkie. As usual, a simple yes does not do the rod or the fish the justice they both deserve. And one more favor please. I spoke with Kerry not too long ago and used the term “switch rod.” Badness. You should have seen the look on his face. I will email and be writing a more detailed post on this rod shortly. It is deeeeeeep. More soon, and thanks so much for your support. JN

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