Why Do We Fish? January 21, 2011

Why do we fish?

Because we must, I think.

We fish sacred places.  Share river time with like-minded friends.  Swim our flies.  And dream great dreams of fish we will never see.

Truth.  Seeking the unachievable.  Beauty more wondrous than words can express.  Discovery.

A handshake from God.

Because, all too soon, we will be gone.

Jay Nicholas, January 21, 2011

8 thoughts on “Why Do We Fish? January 21, 2011

  1. Pretty neat video……you’re almost ready to go into production. That reminds me….did you ever find that (provervbial) lost boot you wrote about? MB

      1. Jay – we need to get these boots straightened out before next season……..our local river closes the 1st. Back to the beaches. Any…..it could be that the first lost boot was meant to tell you that part of you was meant to never leave the river……The second torn boot could be bad……..it could mean that a part of you really wants to stay at home with the family and drink beer and be a farmer. (the barbed wire) Well, so much for the spirit world. At least take some duct tape next time. MB

  2. Jay, well said! Thank you for this beautiful poem. I was very upset at my wife for not letting me go fishing tomorrow. And I couldnt express to her the importance of me going every once in awhile. Then I came across your blog. And there it was. Thanks again. And I still can’t go tomorrow 🙂

    1. Don. If you need to fish, you need to fish. Doctor’s orders. Go. And listen to Brad Paisley’s fishing theme songs. He get it. Best to ya. J

      1. Follow up to that day. She finally let me go without a hassle. Landed a 22inch and 17inch rainbow trout at lake notellum somewhere between Forks and Neah Bay. The doctor was right and so was Brad Paisley! “Catch all the fish and drink all the beer”, ok maybe not all of it, gotta keep it down to a minimum. Thanks Jay!

  3. And also, ponder that we may be the last to fish these magnificient fish. There are some that remind us that for some of us our daimon (or guardian angel if one prefers) could be a salmon. Sacred places and sacred fish, but mostly we forget. Remember.

    1. Sam, we need to spend some precious river time with the salmon around us this fall. I pray that we are not the last to fish for wild salmon and steelhead in Oregon. They are amazing magical resilient creatures. Our water sheds limp along with these species at a tiny fraction of their historical abundance. Their number could be greater and our lives richer if more people recognized how much we need these fish, our daimons, our souls. Thank you Sam. JN

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