Winter Steelhead Flies: Pro Tube Leech, January 17, 2011

Too much high water.  Too much work.  Too much inertia.  Not enough river time. Blah blah blah. More fly tying entertainment.  Dreams of winter steelhead.  Summer steelhead.  Alaska coho.  Tie some more flies.  This tube leech will be on the menu for Chinook in Tillamook bay.  Play with the Pro Tube Fly goodies.  Hummmm.  Bet our comrades in Northern Europe fishing for Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout would fish these flies.  Play with Youtube for the first time.  Figure how to insert sound into slide movie.  Laugh at my own voice.  Should know the difference between a Micro Tube and a Flexi Tube by now but apparently nooooooo.  Where are those Cones?  Script fly tying demonstration, step-by-step.  Take photographs.  Re-take photographs because entire first set was unbearably garish.  then the most dreaded part of all.  What to name the fly.  Nicholas’ Pro Micro Tube, rabbit strip red tail, orange hackle, blue Krystal flash, pink ostrich, two-tone crosscut rabbit, orange Pro Cone, red #2 Gamakatsu stinger hook, winter steelhead fly.

Nicholas’ knock-off of Silvey’s Tube Leech.

Nicholas’ pirate version of Hickman’s Fish Taco.

Nicholas’ generic fly for all anadromous species that can be tied in many color combinations and sizes and will yank the fish out of the water by the truck load and should really be offered by the folks at Idylwilde except that all the fish will be released and no it is not possible to catch a winter or summer steelhead or Chinook salmon unless one gets out of the den and actually chucks a fly into a river and the same is true if you fish in Norway for Atlantic Salmon or Scotland for Sea Trout or well i think you get the drift maybe I should name these flies for micro brews like “the Terminator’ or some earth muffin name like “organic spring lettuce” or something like” Dawn Mist over the Skagit” or “Sweet Lemon” or “Slim man Spey Fishing at the Head of the Car Body Hole” hell who cares what I call it just tie some up yourself and fish these babies because they really fish and catch and are fun and look cool in a tube fly box and maybe this week I will go fishing after work and year-end fly bench organizing and lining up all my beads and cones in nice neat little compartments and making sure that my Krystal Flash is not tangled and do I have enough shooting lines for salmon season and are Rob and I really going to go on a northern king salmon adventure this year and hummmmm then there is work and how many vacation days do I really have and how much do I still owe on the jet sled and should I sell the pram naaahhhh well maybe naahhh and gosh …………….

Jay Nicholas, January 17, 2011

2 thoughts on “Winter Steelhead Flies: Pro Tube Leech, January 17, 2011

  1. Hey Jay ~

    I like the microbrew fly name notion, and actually have a series of steelhead flies I tie based on various beers (Total Domination, Broken Halo, Deschutes Twilight, etc…). Inspration is where you find it. And what the hell, the fish don’t care.

    Let’s hope the floodwaters recede sometime this century so we can get some fishing in!

  2. Yeah, but the fly names my buddies at Idylwilde invent make my fly names sound like piece-of-zzzz (Neil Young). I simply must step up my fly naming game this year. Maybe Chris or Zach can help, cuz lord knows I need it. And my beer of choice is pretty dull too. JN

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