Jay Nicholas’ Salmon Fisher’s Journal: Great Grabs – October 17, 2010

Jay Nicholas’ Salmon Fisher’s Journal:

Great Grabs – October 17, 2010

2 thoughts on “Jay Nicholas’ Salmon Fisher’s Journal: Great Grabs – October 17, 2010

  1. From a freind.

    Yesterday I wanted to see how the Alsea looked and headed over to Clemens Park even though the river was at 8+ feet. I thought of all fly fisherman on the way there. I was driving through the curves heading up toward Mary’s Peak and a truck pulled out in front of me on a blind curve and immediately put their emergency lights on. The truck came to a stop on the highway and a fisherman jumped out of the truck and picked up a large plastic box. Then I saw what was happening. There were flies scattered all over the highway and they (3 of them) were picking them up. They were willing to risk their lives as well as mine to get those flies. I could understand this totally. The fly box must have fallen off their truck. Oh yes, the Clemen’s parking lot was almost full but I did find one place to fish and caught a bright 7 lb hen that gave a tremenduous fight in the fast water. Landing the fish was a real challenge and would have made a funny video on Utube. I fished for two hours and then headed home. I can see this being a great fishing year.

    1. Dear Friend: I hope you got in on the scramble and were able to retrieve several handfuls of flies as a memento from the day. My preference, in the days, was to fish the North Fork as soon as the river edged below 9′ Theory was that high water gave some bright fish a chance to get upriver without being intercepted in the lower river. Second aspect of the theory was that fresh fish that arrived in the North Fork were relatively naive if they had not been pounded for a week straight by anglers in the lower river. Final aspect of the equation was to fish the soft water on the edges and tailouts and slots where moving fish could be intercepted.

      Wow, you got a beauty, way to go! JN

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