Chinook Salmon Binge, November 2010: the truth, the whole truth, and nuthin’ but…..

Winston 12 wt B2x at home in Tillamook.

Chinook Salmon Binge, November 2010:

The truth, the whole truth, and nuthin’ but…..

Do you ever get tired looking at nothing but hero photos?  How about telling the real story about fly fishing for Chinook salmon here in Oregon?  Well, here goes.

Here are a couple of weeks down the drain, seriously.

South to Port Orford in the rain.

Daybreak.  No salmon.


A distraction, walking down the beach.

The boys get ready to run.

Maybe not quite yet.

At day’s end, a long walk back to the truck.

On the river at dawn.

Let’s give this fly a try.

Off the river at dusk.

Dry the waders; hit the sack.

Thank you, Salmon Gods.

Two phones down, one still operational.

Been there. Done that.  North to Tillamook – in the rain.

On the Bay, at dawn.

Hummmm.  Don’t think fly rods are meant to be held there, are they?

Guess it worked out OK anyway.

Yet another night drying tackle.

I see myself in the mirror.

Maybe we shouda tried some of these?

Maybe it’s time to call the game?

Ya think?

By May 2011, I’ll be healed up and ready to go…..


4 thoughts on “Chinook Salmon Binge, November 2010: the truth, the whole truth, and nuthin’ but…..

  1. Great Post Jay! I especially like the reflection shot up top! The chromers are pretty good too… lol… Keep it up, your posts are a true inspiration!

    1. Hey Nick: glad you find some entertainment value here. This is a mission of love for me, trying to record the ordinary and extra-ordinry goings-on. Before they are lost forever. JN

  2. Very nice pictures. Very very nice fish. Awfully cool dog Just lost my Heeler will most likely replace in the Spring. Most likely going to Mt the end of June. Any interest?

    1. Sorry to hear of your loss. Our family lost a girl-cat last year after some fifteen years, and it was rough – but right at the same time. “Bandit” lives with my fishing buddy’s family in Tillamook. This fine blue heeler loves the bow position in the sled, harfs up whatever he has recently eaten on my fly line coils, loves to lick fish, cases any ball or stick you might throw, and gets bored out of his skull when we are not catching fish, which is most of the time. Bandit went for a swim from bow-to-stern under the sled this fall when we hit a stump and I think his feelings were bruised for a while, thinking we might have sent him flying on purpose. You will do well to find a new family member of Bandit’s character.

      Dude, I owe you fly patterns, river time, and more. Just need to dig myself out of the hole that this fall’s salmon season has created. Yes, yes, yes to adventures in 2011! Thanks so much for your Comradeship.


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