Fly Fishing Technique: Deschutes Summer Steelhead

Quote.  My method for fishing for steelhead (which cannot be discounted, for I have caught eleven so far this year) is to cast straight out, let the line and fly be carried by the current, activating it in rhythmical jerks, even continuing after the line and fly have straightened out.

By starting with a short cast and gradually lengthening each cast to the extremity, all water is covered.  Then I move downstream four steps and repeat the process.  There are lots of little tricks, such and mending one’s line, and little dipsidoodles that will get your fly down.

While my technique doesn’t yield the number of strikes (as some other methods), it does have two advantages: first is the exciting, powerful dynamic strike,  which 90% of the time happens at the 5 o’clock position, as the fly swings around, just prior to straightening out.  The second is a corollary of the first, for the steelhead strikes on a relatively taught line and (if it doesn’t break you), firmly hooks himself.  End quote.

Mr Thomas Burgess Malarkey.

Deschutes River Journal, June 20, 1959 – March 1, 1981

October 1972

May we remember the men and women who have preceded us wherever we wade or stand on a riverbank to fish for salmon and steelhead here in Oregon.


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