Nicholas’ Salmon Fisher’s Journal: Chinook? September 16/17, 2010

Jay Nicholas’  Salmon Fisher’s Journal September 16-17 2010

Yes folks, Chinook salmon are  lurking under the waters of the Alsea  in this photograph.  Doubt me?  Take a look.

A bright Chinook  jack ate Ed’s fly.

Being a perfect gentleman, I exerted a little “brush-back,”  just enough to maintain my position in the boat.

Finding it impossible to get a grab myself, I proceeded to run my new Koffler Sled around the Alsea, pretending to look for biters.

September 17 found us on a secret river located near Pacific City, where practically no one has ever seen anyone fly fishing for Chinook, unlike the Alsea, where that us apparently the only way people fish for kings.

We learned that Chinook like to lay under docks.  At least that was how it seemed that day.

There were Sea lice on this buck, a two-salt male,with just a hint of bronze.  Again, I was the dutiful observer and recorder.

Oh my gosh, his head looks so small.

As the day evolved, I came to understand why my dear friend Rob has so many “exploding” fly rod stories to tell.  Kerry, please don’t look.

Ed and I drove home after dark.  Rob camped on the beach, preparing for two more days among the salmon, which he found again each day.  I made it home, waaaay past my bedtime, vowing NEVER to tempt fate with the late drive.

The sled is clean again, tanks are full, and I’m looking at the tide book wondering when to go again.  Four days on the water, three salmon to the boat, several grabs missed, all by my trusty fishin’ partners.   Soon.  Soon the tug will be at the end of my line.  Maybe not until 2011, but soon enough.


2 thoughts on “Nicholas’ Salmon Fisher’s Journal: Chinook? September 16/17, 2010

  1. Jay, I am certain that your current dry spell is just a slight damming of the flow while the fish gods search for a specimen worthy of your good karma. A perfect chrome buck in the low 50s, I suspect. Prepare for battle my friend. This could get serious…

  2. Good things come to those who wait and of course my favorite no good deed goes unpunished. Very inspiring to use mere mortals, you are.

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