Koffler Tidewater Powerboat – status update

Lookout Salmon — and sea runs, and steelhead too!

Just checked in with Joe Koffler to see how work on my new powerboat is progressing.  Zowie.  The boat is really taking shape.  Just a week ago, it was a simple frame with my name and a hull number scribbled on the transom with a black sharpie.

Now look at her.

This fine craft will tape in at 16′ by 60“.  I once had a 16′ x 48 flat bottom sled that was a very good fishing platform.  That boat had a 50 hp Merc jet pump and a 6 hp Evinrude kicker.I decided to build a specialty craft this time, a boat with fly fishing in tidewater first and foremost as the design driver.  I could have gone the jet pump route, and who knows, I still have that option in the future.  But for now I decided that a 20 hp Honda would be just about right for my current comfort level. A hundred pounds versus close to three hundred pounds.  Easy starting, quiet, and plenty of power to get me around the tidal reaches of our bays.

The main compartment of the boat will be open; no seats or boxes to hang up a fly line on.  I will have two removable boxes with seats in case i take Lisa and Jackson out on bay or lake, but if I am salmon hunting, it will be a no frills, stand and fish all day proposition.The front deck will have flush mounted latches, again, keeping line snagging opportunities to a minimum.  Tackle trays on both sides of the boat will be close to 11 feet long, and just right to lay fly rods out strung and ready to cast.

The flat front deck will function as a casting platform, with compartment for two, removable 3 gal gas cans, a battery, and a fish box.  A water wash-down system will make it a breeze to wash mud and sand out of the boat.  The fish box is for my buddies who insist on keeping fish.  They seem to want to eat the beasties.  I will likely bring home a fish a season for my friend Andy, that is, if i manage to catch one.  We shall see.Bilge pump under the deck.  Built-in fuel filter.  All the gas lines and power cords will run under the diamond plate deck. Two oarlock positions will offer options for f the boat in flowing water and moving short distances between anchor points.

Fish finder. Structure scan.  maybe the dang thing will work, maybe it won’t.  We’ll see.  If it functions as advertised, i should be able to see just how many fish are NOT biting in every hole.  Should be fun.

I still have my Koffler 16 x 54 Drift boat and my Koffler 11 x 48 Pram.  So, the only think lacking at this point is a pontoon raft and a place to stow all these fishing boats.  with this growing armada, i have every option to cover rivers up and down the coast; if i can only eek out the time and gas money.

Hope to be on the water by mid August, towing this boat with a galvanized Koffler trailer too.


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