Summer Steelhead Flies: the push begins – – –

Sorry, Jay is not available right now. His assistant, the anonymous Simms-wearing entity pictured above, is providing this entry today.

Check out the onslaught of summer steelhead fly tying videos posted on Youtube by the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog:

The opener is the summer steelhead Boss series.  I could call these Comets too.  Or BossComets.  What the hey, they have properties of the Boss and the Comet, and they tie easily and fish well and boy do the fish eat ’em.  More to follow in next few weeks.  Chris Daughters and I had fun shooting these videos, and there was much rambling while “filming.”  Chris: “chenille makes these flies sink faster, right?”  Jay:  (My thought process went something like this.  Huh?  Wet chenille can’t have any greater density than water, right?  What the heck do I say now?  Do chenille-body flies sink faster than dubbed-body flies, once they are both wet?  Never thought much about it before being put on the spot this instant.  What to say?)

To find out what I did say, if anything, take a look at the videos.

Every video is unscripted and contains many secret fly tying techniques and fishing methods, as well as the most secret places where NO ONE goes, Close to where YOU live, that contain hundreds of hungry summer steelhead that are easy to catch.

Ha ha.

BTW, this is a shoulder season.  Chinook on the coast (yes, the first summer/fall kings are there), summer steelhead, trout (nah), sea-run cutthoat.  OMG!

Meanwhile, enjoy the flies, tie some up, and go fishing.


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