Anyone else wish they were going Sea-run fishing today?

The people fishing sea-runs today weren’t glued to the computer at five in the morning, coffee at hand, Bunny Graham crumbs on the keyboard, easing into the work day.  And they aren’t reading this blogosperic wistfulness, either.

They’re on the water right now, working out thirty feet of flyline, ready to push a fly up against the brush, anticipating letting their fly lay still for a second, then giving it a twitch, hoping to see a silvery streak leap from ledge to fly.  They might know, even instinctively, that the early fish will be chrome sided, blue backed torpedoes, and that the early fish tend to be the biggest of the season.


They are probably fishing alone.  Practically no one fishes Sea-runs these days.  I will.  Any day now.  Just not today.

For those of you who are, or for the lucky ones tying on a Muddler right now, may you have a wonderful day.

For the rest of us, working and wishing – may our day also bring harmony, comradeship, and discovery.


10 thoughts on “Anyone else wish they were going Sea-run fishing today?

  1. Jay, read your post title, and immediately felt sorry for myself – an overcast, windless day, and alas, I too was not sea-run fishing. But then I read your last line, and the self-pity vanished, for I am lucky enough to have known these wonderful fish, and also work in an environment that yields rare moments of ‘harmony, comradeship, and discovery’. So I guess I’ll get back to work – but can’t promise anyone that I won’t be daydreaming about sea-runs now and then…

  2. nice looking sea-run fly, all the right colors. it would be a great morning to be at cozy cove in a small inflatable snaking your fly to through the hazards to that sunken log, then strip strip strip strip set!

  3. Jay- the dog and I were on the beach
    on Whidey Island standing in Puget
    Sound shortly after 6. Have released
    a couple so far and had a hit from
    what had to have been one of the
    resident Cohos. Mitch

  4. Jay – come on up…. Nate has been talking about coming up but I think that Puget Sound scares him. We can hit the beaches and a couple rivers and get the Humpy season checked out for next year. – Mitch

  5. Sorry but there are no such fish as SRC’s ; folks would be advised to abandon their early morning forays to local river estuarys in search of the mythical buggers….I hear golf is a great game !

    However, should one insist on going… perhaps a Rolled Muddler tied very sparse, w/ beadhead, and pale pink floss under mylar rib in lieu of the usual tinsel body. Just saying.

    1. You guys (heh heh) are killing’ me. When i used the term “sea-run” i was actually referring to the pike minnow Rob mentioned, and the shiner perch, and the staghorn sculpin, which are all immature Pogies. An actual anadromous cutthroat trout has not been seen south of Puget Sound since 1927. Sorry for the confusion. Back to work now. JN

      PS: I agree that there are no actual anadromous cutthroat in Tillamook County. None. Really. Honest. None in the Nehalem either. Or the Nestucca. Or the ………

  6. Jay – tied up some of your neat little grey hackles. Liked them so well that I dug some of my 1197G’s out of the treasure box and tied up half a dozen to try out in the salt on next Tuesday. Still like the old sand eel imitations the best with a fall back on a little killer shrimp pattern I have. Thanks for the nice pattern though. Will put it to good use here in the Sound and in the Stilly, Snohomish and the Nooksack. Cheers, Mitch

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