Fly Fishing Commandments

More Google search questions that bring folks to my Blogospheric droning.

Q: Fishing Commandments

Thou shall fish more this week, month, year, and decade – than you did previously, resolving to not ruin thy life by entirely forsaking thy professional commitments, friends, family, medication, and need to seek counseling.

Thou shall have fun, rejoicing in the mere fact that ye be alive and in sufficient health to go fishing.

Thou shall issue honest bond that ye shall indeed mow the lawn, take out the trash, paint the garage door, weed the garden, arrange to secure workmen to repair thy leaky roof, vacuum the fly tying den, and scour the corn dog sticks from neath the seats of your vehicle, all being necessary in due time.

Thou shall give thanks that ye have a fishing pole, hook, and string to fish with.

Thou  shall respect the fish you seek, not killing more than you need, and maybe less than you need.

Thou shall think about the ecological needs of the river and the fish before killing your catch.

Thou shall learn more about your craft, and take pride in the angler’s craft.

Thou shall not soak thy flies in shrimp-garlic-anchovy-taco oil.

Thou shall teach a child to fish, or at least teach a child to appreciate fish and rivers.

Thou shall help thy friend learn how to keep from wrapping a Skagit Compact around his or her head while executing a Snap Z.

Thou shall not feel obliged to loan your Burkheimer 8139-4 to your best friend who is just learning how to Spey cast, lest he or she attempt to use said Burkie as a wading staff.

Thou shall forsake all manner of non-fly-fishing equipment when venturing forth to pursue salmon, steelhead, and trout – including but not limited to jigs, bait, spinners, and plugs.

Thou shall smile having read the previous Commandment, knowing that it was not intended to demean fellow anglers who do not exclusively fly fish and was merely a suggestion for consideration.

Thou shall teach a friend to understand that hatchery fish are not the same as wild fish, while respecting both, each in their respective place in the universe.

Thou shall invite other anglers to share your water, especially if you are in a boat and they are afoot.

Thou shall take a deep breath and smile, if an angler should intrude upon the waters you are fishing, perhaps stepping into a run just below you.  Said angler may know exactly what heinousness this action represents, but thou shall not sully your day by imagining said angler with his insides wrapped about his outsides, lest ye fall prey to the dark-side.

Thou shall give thanks to the marvelous and never quite comprehensible life force of the universe when eating a fish.

Thou shall not eat farmed salmon. Ever.

Thou shall not reply to your buddy who has enquired as to what flies you recently used to catch twenty-seven steelhead — “oh, a little of this and a little of that.”


PS: these commandments are non-denominational, having sprung from the salmon mother herself.  More to come, no doubt, in the future.

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