Burkheimer Trout Fly Rods, and more…….

The Google questions just keep on rolling in.  Anglers continue seeking the truth.

Here are a few of the week’s miscellaneous and un-categorical questions, just for fun.

Q: C F Burkheimer trout fly rod

A:  Good call.  Kerry Burkheimer builds some absolutely gorgeous fly rods in the troutish action  realm, principally in the 2 wt to 6 wt range; but one can pretty much ask Kerry to build the trout fly rod of their dreams and he can get’ ‘er  done.  Russ Peak and Lefty Kreh both influenced and helped Kerry refine his thinking and rod designs for trout fishing.  Each Burkheimer fly rod, including the trout rods, has been designed from the mandrill-up, by Kerry, refined over time.  Truly most excellent, unique and rare fly rods.

Check out Burkheimer trout fly rods here:


Q:  Funny objects caught fishing

A:  Blank.  This Google inquiry draws a complete blank.  I have seen a lot of funny things while fishing.  And recently, while casting my fly in the intersecting prop-wash tracks of 700hp powerboats trolling herring in Tillamook bay, I overheard the anglers in said powerboats laughing their raingear-clad asses off and snickering at the sight of a loon fly fishing down in the bay.  So maybe, just maybe, I qualify as a “funny object fly fishing.”

Q:  Harbor seal + coho salmon

A:  Tasty snack for the seal.

Q:  King salmon fly rod

A:   If I had to choose one fly rod with which to fish for Chinook salmon here in Oregon (perish the thought) it would be a 9 wt, moderate-action fly rod of 9-10’.

Q:  Jay Nicholas Comets

A:  I have no idea where this one comes from.  I do not fish comets.

Q:  Teach kids how to fish

A:  Great idea.

Q:  Ten hippies

A:  Better than nine hippies, but not as good as twelve hippies.  A Hippie is also the name of a most secret summer steelhead fly that I invented 59 years ago at the age of 2 and have pretty much kept under wraps, or so I thought until last summer when some dude walked into the Caddis Fly and innocently asked for ten hippies to slam in his fleece leader wallet in preparation for an upcoming trip to the Deschutes.  Now the horses are out of the barn, so to speak, I might as well share the dressing.  Hook:  #4 snelled Eagle Claw bait hook.  Thread: 6 lb Scotch line.  Body:  clump of black Lab body fur obtained by repeated belly rubbing and “atta-boys.”  Wing:  clump of winter-kill deer obtained from carcass adjacent to Deschutes River “camp water.”  Note: all materials may be attached with half hitches and none need be aligned or proportioned in any manner.  Second note:  Grasshoppers may be used to increase the skatability of the Hippie.

Q:  My Girlfriend wearing waders

A:  Cool.  Nice imagery. But dude, like, gimmie a beak.  Lisa doesn’t even have waders, I sure as hell don’t have a girlfriend, and I ain’t gonna post s story about your girlfriend wearing waders.  Not smart.

Q:  Should Chinook salmon be capitalized

A:  Spell checkers say yes.  The vast majority of professional scientific journals say yes.  Webster’s, apparently, according to my buddy Rob Russell, says no.  So he harasses me continually on this matter every time I capitalize Chinook (harassment will be forthcoming).    Most people either don’t care, or think that coho and steelhead should be capitalized, which they should not.   Rob and I agree that we can live with whatever; life is too important to get our Simms panties in a bunch over capitalization.

Q:  Wild fish pros

A:  Anglers who only fish for wild fish. And they do it for money too.  Imagine that.

Q:  Why is fishing bad

A:  Generally, fishing is not bad.  It is a hell of a lot better than going to the movies, except maybe Avatar or Sector 9.

Q:  Why wild fish harvest is bad

A: It ain’t, just so long as there are sufficient numbers of wild salmon, steelhead or trout (salmonid obsession here) that can be harvested and still leave a fair ecological and genetic share for the wild fish and the river ecosystem.    Abundant and productive runs of wild salmon and steelhead can afford to yield some fish for the human diet, no doubt.  Sometimes a lot if you wish.  The finesse required is to figure out how much harvest of wild fish is suitable and how much is too much.  Complicated.  Healthy wild salmon runs can support quite a nice harvest.  Problems arise when people kill too many wild fish in runs that really should be left to spawn.


2 thoughts on “Burkheimer Trout Fly Rods, and more…….

  1. Dangit, Jay. When you capitalize “chinook” when refering to a fish, you run the risk of offending members of the Chinook nation. I’m shocked you would be so insensitive. Shocked and amazed.

    1. Dude. Amigo. I have yielded to your wisdom and kneel at your feet. I just can’t be held responsible for every time the auto spell checker capitalizes chinook without my permission. Try as I might. And then there are all those insensitive and lackluster give-a-hoot scientists out there blindly following convention. I am trying to buck the tide, believe me. Thank you for your constant vigilance and support. JN

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