Nicholas’ Fly Fishing Glossary: Best Steelhead Fly

Google away, folks.  Fun every day.

Q:  Best steelhead fly

A:  The fly you have secured to your leader right at this instant, just so long as you soak it in water that contains at least one actual steelhead and that I, Jay Nicholas, have personally, myself, humbly, invented and even perhaps tied the fly.

If only imaginary steelhead inhabit the waters being fished, it makes as much sense to fish a bass fly, an egg pattern, or some monstrous Intruder invented by Jeff Hickman or Ed Ward because – after all is said and done – why waste one’s best steelhead fly on steelhead-less waters anyway?

Some fly fishers think that the best fly is the last fly they happened to catch a fish on, but this only tends to produce a self-fulfilling prophecy anyway because it causes said angler to continue fishing the same fly because once upon a time her or she caught some silly fish on the dang thing.


Tie on a Bucktail Caddis.

Tie on a Burlap.

Tie on a Teeny Nymph.

On second thought, do not tie on a Teeny Nymph.  Sorry Jim.

Any of these and two thousand other steelhead flies are generally ineffective and will not catch nearly as many steelhead as a steelhead fly that I have invented.

Just go fishin’ and tie on a fly designed by me, personally, and you are virtually assured of hooking at least seventeen fine chrome steelhead, be it winter or summer, on my ingenious fly pattern, that also happens to be completely original except for the fact that it looks a lot like a Green Butt Skunk, minus the green butt, minus the black chenille, minus the black hackle, minus any tail whatsoever, minus the white wing, with the addition of a kingfisher blue hackle and a few straws of Mirage Flashabou.

This is the best steelhead fly.

Except for the other steelhead patterns that I tie, which are also the best.

Ha ha.


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